Concealed Carry Class – Legal “Loophole” Allows You To Carry Concealed

If you're reading this, you are clearly looking into getting a concealed carry permit so you can carry a firearm. 

And you're in good company. Thousands of people are taking self-protection seriously. The number of concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits is soaring to new levels despite the rabid anti-gun movements that are happening due to all of the school and public shootings in the last year.

Wanting to carry a gun doesn't mean you are a danger to your community either, it's actually the exact opposite! CCW permit holders are “extremely” law-abiding citizens.

Carrying a concealed weapon is an empowering decision that allows you to take control of your own safety for yourself and for your loved one.

For some people, though, a concealed carry class is their first step into the world of firearms training.

"Concealed Carry Classes Near Me"

This is the next step people take. They go online and start to search for concealed carry classes. They type things like:

"Concealed carry classes near me" or "CCW classes near me"

Which isn't a bad idea at all! There should be CCW classes in your area that you can go to and learn what it takes to legally carry a weapon and get some proper training. But for some, this is a big hassle.

And luckily there is a better option and that is by doing an online concealed carry course.

Why take an Online CCW Course Instead?

CCW classes generally take a long time, usually all day.

For most people, taking a whole day to do a concealed weapons class is a big commitment and one that a lot of people don't have time for.

You have to drive there, find parking, fill out paperwork, and sit in an uncomfortable hard chair in a room full of strangers… for eight long hours! During the concealed weapons class, you’ll struggle to even hear the instructor because of all the gun fire resonating… and if they rent full auto weapons, the noise is even worse.

But now, thanks to this "loophole"...

I came across a "loophole" that gun owners can take to get their CCW training from the comfort of their own home.

I did a full review of the online course and was very impressed. With this online CCW course, you learn how to legally concealed carry in 28 states from an Ex-CIA agent names Jason Hanson.

Basically what happens is you get a Virginia CCW.

The state of Virginia passed a law – §18.2-308 (G) (7) – that allows people to take their concealed carry training online without ever having to step foot in a concealed weapons class room AND you don't even have to be a Virginia resident or not.

The benefit of doing this is Virginia has reciprocity with dozens of states and it has become an extremely popular choice for out-of-state gun owners to get permits.

The commercial courses allow applicants to seek a permit from Virginia that is valid in their state, but without having to meet tougher requirements their home states may impose, such as firing a gun with an instructor.

So I decided to try this AND I highly recommend this strategy, but it doesn't work everywhere. Keep reading.

Ultimate Concealed Carry Training Online FULL Review

You can check out the course features by clicking the button above. But if you aren't quite ready to do that and are more interested in what I thought about it, keep reading:

So I live in Texas. To get your permit you have to attend over 10 hours of training, do a live-fire exercise with a pistol and fire 50 rounds from three different distances. 

AND you have to take a 70 question test.

I found one of the CCW classes near me and it was well worth it because I value the importance of a CCW, but it took me all day and it was a pretty rigorous experience. At the time I wasn't aware of this "loophole" to getting a CCW permit by doing an online concealed carry class.

But I also want to be able to carry in other states! But you have to take that state's CCW permit requirements to carry there as well. So having this option is a great and fast way to do this without doing a test and training in every single state.

So let me explain a little bIt about what the online CCW class includes:

Course Features

  • Informative Instructional Video
  • 20 question quiz (with answers)
  • In home training
  • check
    Provided links to Virginia State Concealed Firearms Application

After you complete the training, passed the simple test, and submit your application, you'll be able to carry as soon as you receive your permit in the mail.

It really was that easy and I was simply blown away at how easy it was! Again, all you have to do, step-by-step, is this:

1. Watch the training video.

2. Take the simple 20 question test.

3. Print your personalized certificate of completion, for the test (which the course will provide you).

4. Complete the Virginia State Concealed Firearms Application, process and submit.

5. Receive your permit in the mail.

The chart below shows all the STATES IN RED THAT YOUR PERMIT IS GOOD FOR…

Nation labels for ccw classes near me

FREE Bonuses As Well

When you purchase the online concealed carry course, tons of extra material is included. The real bonuses were a nice gesture and a good amount of information to help use, but nothing that was absolutely necessary that I couldn't learn for free online.

Honest Review

In the online concealed weapons permit class, the test itself was basic and only took me 5-10 minutes. You need a 15 out of 20 correct to pass. And if you don't pass, you can keeping taking it, but you get all the answers in the video so it's really not a 'test' considering you can just watch the video while taking the test, but it qualifies so it works.

After I passed the test, I got a PDF by email and got my certificate for Virginia that I passed the training.

I didn't have to do any live fire testing because Virginia doesn't require that to get a permit. Now, if you've never shot a gun before, you need to do this. 

You also have to get fingerprinting done since fingerprints are required for the application. You could go to a police station near your you and they will do it for you for a fee. You also have to send in a valid form of ID

The permit isn't free. It's $100.

You can find out more info about a Virginia Non Resident Concealed Handgun Permit in the link below and what they require if you want to do your own research, but this online course breaks it all down for you pretty nicely so it's very is to follow and he provides all of the links you need to do it all correctly.

Nonresident Concealed Handgun Permits

It took me 3 months for my permit to process and get in the mail and I was good to go!

Final Thoughts About The Conceal and Carry Classes Online

All in all, I recommend getting this. Not only is it one of the easiest concealed carry permit classes you can take, but he cut out the BS and got straight to the point in the training and the free bonus material was a nice gesture. CCW training shouldn't last hours and even though the video was pretty boring and somewhat basic, it was much better than sitting in a concealed weapons class all day. Honestly, it took me about 90 minutes to get through and I snacked in between, so that was nice.

The process was extremely easy to follow so for that alone, it was well worth it.

Reasons to Carry a Concealed Weapon

Maybe you aren't convinced that carrying is a good idea. 

If this is that case for you, you probably haven't needed a weapon to protect yourself yet, so how can you justify carrying a gun just in case?

“Why should I conceal carry?”

Here are a few reasons:

Concealed Carry Tips - Avoid These Mistakes!

Now, after you have your permit, it doesn't end there. Receiving a concealed carry permit after taking the online concealed weapons class doesn’t mean you are ready to just start carrying your firearm everywhere you want. 

There are rules and guidelines to follow with your permit and mistakes to avoid that if broken can lead to other legal trouble. Here are the most common problems you might face that can easily be avoided.

Get the Proper Training!

The online training in the online concealed carry course I recommend you take don't really properly prepare you to hand real-world scenarios.

All you did in the course was LEARN how to fire a weapon but now you need to apply that knowledge into some real training.

I recommend to take some firearms classes. But before signing up for a ccw class, make sure you do your research and find one that is reputable. Consider new training even if you’ve taken courses in the past.

Get the Right Holster

Equipping yourself with the right holster for your weapon style and body type is also important. You can carry your weapon inside the waistband, outside the waistband, and a few other ways so keep in mind that just because a holster is fashionable doesn’t mean it’s the best one for your gun. Make sure the holster fits comfortably, too. 

Carry Often

You need to be accustomed to carrying your weapon regularly. If you aren't comfortable with it, you may not be ready to use it when the time comes. Whenever you carry, it should be as second-nature as fastening your seatbelt when you drive.

Practice Drawing & Firing Often 

Whenever you carry, you have to be ready. As you practice drawing you weapon as well as firing it, you will learn more about how your gun performs, whether it’s likely to jam, and what kind of ammunition works best.

Avoid Exposing Your Weapon

Make sure your weapon is properly concealed! You don't want to 'print' (where the outline of your gun is visible to others) or expose your weapon. Properly conceal with loose clothing and clothing that also makes it easier to draw your weapon more efficiently.

Stop Checking Your Gun

When you finally start carrying, it's easy to constantly reach back to touch your gun to make sure it is still there and properly secured. But this is something I highly recommend to stop if you have the urge. It's a bad habit and draw attention to yourself and can make others uncomfortable. 

You also don't want to adjust too often in public. Depending on the holster you chose, you may find it gets uncomfortable but doing this and tugging at your shirt to make the holster more comfortable can raise suspicions. This is why it’s important to wear a holster you are comfortable with. If you find that you need to fix your holster, it’s best to do so in a bathroom or somewhere private.

Research Applicable Local Laws

Before you go out in public and conceal your weapon, you need to be 100 percent familiar with any area laws regarding firearms. Check state and local laws as they can vary.

ccw class - concealed carry classes near me

Final Thoughts - Online CCW training course

Hopefully you've received some valuable information on what you can do to receive a quality and easy opportunity to get a CCW.

Not only does it save you time, but its a great way to get a CCW permit in multiple states using the same system that is provided. 

The Ultimate Concealed Carry Training Online Course is really a great ccw class and I highly recommend it. For anyone looking for conceal and carry classes, consider taking this online course! Good luck!